TIELOKOS, ties and bowties in african fabrics

Africa is a vivid, young, innovative and creative continent. A continent where new tendencies in plastic arts, fashion and music are created.

In Tielokos we were captivated by the african Wax fabrics. Vibrant and surprising colours melted in organic patterns; all together mixed in a way that quickly catches your eye in just a gaze.

In Tielokos we think our Ties and Bowties as a very good mix of both worlds. Africa and Europe. The african side with its bright colours and spectacular patterns. The european side, with such a timeless accessory as a Tie could be.

At Tielokos we buy the fabric in Ghana and design and produce the Ties and Bowties in Barcelona. We know the african fabrics very well, as we have been importing them for five years. During this time we have learned about the african local markets, getting to know the production sites and everything related to fabrics in this particular part of Africa (Mabuda). All this knowledge has triggered us into this exciting adventure of producing our own products.

Tielokos, a creative, modern and genuine proposal.

Tielokos produces high quality ties and bowties for stylish men and children. We pay special attention to all the production chain. From the material’s supervision, as we ourselves go directly to Africa to buy it, to the very studied packaging. A Tielokos Tie or Bowtie deserves our highest commitment.

Tielokos ties and bowties are manufactured with 100% cotton, and 100% african fabrics. Tielokos offers 25 different kinds of Ties and Bowties for men and kids. We produce very limited editions of each model. Our products can be washed and ironed.

Don’t lose the opportunity to wear a Tielokos!